Monday, December 22, 2008

Peaceful Holidays ...

... and a Happy 2009 to everyone from me and my family.
Presented by my XO-hugging USB men (who seem to have more memory capacity than me at times).
Featuring a seriously tree-infested Etoys project, with snow (for those living south who cannot enjoy the white fluff this time of the year).
And see you at 25C3 I hope!


Ron Teitelbaum said...

Happy Holidays Bert!! From my Family to yours, we wish you all the best and a terrific new year!!
- Ron Teitelbaum & Family

Anonymous said...

Very cool, where'd you get the USB men? It seems a great way to introduce my daughter to USB storage (the USB man has it)

Vanessa said...

I found the USB guys on ebay (they are called "Marsfigur" and "Gummimensch" in German).