Friday, December 05, 2008

European grassroots meeting

I went to Brussels last weekend, meeting with folks from OLPC Europe, OLPC Boston, and some other European grassroots (me representing OLPC Germany e.V.). We mostly discussed how to implement the new Give-1-Get-1 program as well as Give-many here in Europe. Some notes are available.

And, while sitting together at a nice Cafe on Sunday I made this little Etoys project to celebrate OLPC Europe. Just click here if you are on an XO or have the Squeakland plugin installed (as everyone should of course). For those who were there and took the huge file home on their USB drives - this is a fixed version that does not keep growing indefinitely while animating.

For the Etoyers out there - if you put a copy of a player in one of its own variables repeatedly, this creates an evergrowing "linked list" of player copies. Bad idea. Reset the variable first (by assigning dot for example) then do the copy: see my example.

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