Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Croquet for Business: Qwaq Forums

So Qwaq came out of "stealth-mode" and reveiled what they have been working on for a while now, Qwaq Forums:
Qwaq Forums, the company's first product, is a secure virtual workspace application that significantly increases the productivity of distributed teams by bringing critical resources together in virtual places, as if they were in an actual physical location. A highly interactive and persistent environment, Qwaq Forums enables users to work, collaborate with others, and identify and solve problems.
And I'm proud to say I contributed a little, which most probably will find its way into the next Croquet release.

Update: Here's a few nice stories of fellow bloggers who have seen Forums already.

From Steve Borsch's Connecting The Dots:
Qwaq will get traction only because they completely understand that giving someone a semi-trailer truck (i.e., an engine like There or Second Life) doesn't do much good if the person has a small garage and needs a vehicle to go get groceries and tool around (90% of collaborators). Qwaq Forums is a powerful, easy to use and navigate, co-creation space that the rest of us can use.
writes on Open dot dot dot:
One of the benefits of using Croquet as the basis of its products is that the protocols are open, and this allows Croquet-compatible products to interoperate with Qwaq's. This means that the dynamics of the Croquet ecosystem are similar to that of the Web, which is never a bad thing.
And in The Culture of Collaboration, Evan Rosen writes:
Unlike most traditional web conferencing which works only while a session is underway, Qwaq Forums is persistent. This means authorized users can access the virtual space any time. Team members in another time zone may wake up to find the results of real-time collaboration that occurred while they were sleeping.

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Jochen said...

So Croquet works well on the net! With persistency and everything! Cool. (Do they store the worlds on their own servers?)