Monday, September 11, 2006

Squeak for every child

Lately I work on Squeak integration in the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, perhaps better known as the "$100 laptop". The whole etoys group came over to OLPC's office in Cambridge. Squeak looks surprisingly well on the display prototype, and also etoys are reasonably fast. Ian Piumarta took some nice pictures, which might very well be the first photos of the actual display in the wild.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool. I've just seen this 2003 video, of a big bunch of school kids using squeak to create projects, and it was heartbreaking to see their excitement and joy through the whole process (making me wish I could joy them as a non-programmer myself!). If developing countries kids can get the same kind of joyfull environment like in this video, i would expect the same "mix".
Are you in need of a graphics artist? Good luck with this!

You've probably seens it, but here is the movie link:
Squeak being used by school kids: See the Quicktime Streaming movie that we presented to Alan Kay, Seymour Papert and a large number of school board officials about our class work.

Jochen said...

Holy camoly, you are friggin' everywhere! That is in fact really cool.